Maths Puzzle Activity Days

If your school is looking to encourage Thinking Skills and Problem Solving as a part of your maths curriculum then The School Puzzle Company can help. Using our carefully crafted giant puzzles our Maths Puzzle Activity Days encourage use of maths language, team work and shows students that by persevering with a challenge, that they can succeed, even if they initially think it may be impossible.

Our Maths Puzzle Activity Days cater for up to 60 students in one Puzzle Workshop. Depending on the length of teach session it is possible to have up to 300 students per day taking part in our Puzzle Workshops.

With a wide range of puzzles our Maths Puzzle Activity Days cater for Reception, KS1, KS2 at Primary Schools through to KS3 at Secondary School.

Our workshops offer a fantastic opportunity to watch your students express opinion and share ideas in a learning environment where fun will be had by all.

Reasons Schools use us

Schools book The School Puzzle Company for a many different reasons. Some of these opportunities are listed below:

Maths Days
Team Building
Confidence Building
Activities Week
Challenge Days
Gifted and Talented